Loyalty and CRM Support: Become Best In Class.

If you are like Starbucks, every communication is based on the brand strategy. Every email goes to a precisely defined segment of customers, the ones most likely to open that particular one. Each push notification is timed carefully to the moment when an office dweller is starting to anticipate the need for a caffeine shot. You don’t just have the right software for the job, you know how to use it for your strategic goals.

You need an expert.

There are plenty of practical, affordable tech solutions today for the restaurant chains that have just a handful of locations. It wasn’t the case just 5 years ago. The expertise of designing the restaurant rewards programs and creating segmented customer databases is new and specialized. Brand marketers, social and digital marketers, field marketers… all of those professionals can transition to become a loyalty/CRM expert. But usually not while keeping their day job.

The reality is that for many mid-size restaurant chains it’s more effective to have an experienced consultant manage the loyalty program for 20-40 hrs per month rather than have an in-house marketing VP/director attempt to run it in between other responsibilities.

I can help.

I work with brands that are either considering launching a loyalty program or have an existing one. I can help select the right vendor for your strategic goals or work with your existing SaaS provider.

I offer a free assessment which consists of interviews with stakeholders and reviews of the available documents. I present the prospective client with an evaluation and a brief recommendation.

After that, if the brand owner is interested, I work to execute the recommendation on a consulting basis – either a fixed fee scope or an ongoing retainer with a set of recurring deliverables. I am confident that you will see the impact in participation rates and sales. I will refund the consulting fees incurred over up to 30 days if your brand is not satisfied with the results.

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